Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up: 1st-Half Gems

The first half of the first leg this year has contained some really fantastic playing.  From Bethel through Darien, there are plenty of tidbits to keep us satisfied until the guys arrive on the West Coast.

The Bethel Woods Bathtub Gin was one of the most unique jams of 3.0–it was probably also the best first-set improv they’ve offered since their return in 2009.


Just earlier in the set, Phish laid down my second-favorite 3.0 Cities (aside from Greek 2010).  While the length is short, the playing is explosive.  Trey’s playing in this rendition showed me that Trey is still interested in injecting thoughtful playing into first-set songs.


Phish’s two-night stand at PNC following Bethel contained fewer highlights.  However, one of my favorite parts was the blistering Rock and Roll from the first set of 5/31.


Times were good at Mike’s first birthday show since 1989.  This encore blasted everyone into space–Trey just wouldn’t stop rocking!


The Tweezer from the last night of the Midwest run at Riverbend in Cincinatti may have been short, but it sure packed a punch!