Going Into the Home Stretch

UIC Pavilion

After tonight’s appearance at the Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco, Phish will return to the UIC Pavilion in Chicago.  So far, the five shows the band has under their belt have been excellent–they haven’t shown any signs of their energy dwindling.  They have poured energy and creativity into every note.  While, overall, 2011 has been a great year of music for Phish from Bethel, I have a hunch that the culmination of everything they’ve developed this year will come to a head at the small indoor arena in the Windy City.

With no shows immediately before or after UIC, it draws even more attention than some of the other tour stops.  Although the band has not held a concert at the UIC in thirteen years, they practiced in it last year before hitting the road in fall (if I remember correctly).

The big outdoor sounds that Phish has perfected this summer is going to be larger-than-life in a tiny indoor arena.  Trey’s rejuvenated chops and Mike’s psychedelic bass leads, all along with their new style of storage jamming, will shake the building’s foundation.

Tonight’s show, while I don’t really know what to expect, will probably follow along the lines of the ACL fest.  ACL, while containing very little jamming, featured outstanding musical quality.  They fit a lot of music in their short songs.  I’d love them to bust out a 40-minute jam just to watch iPort squirm though.

But chances are tonight will be forgotten about–that’s why it all comes down to Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a string of normal Phish shows.  Each night has so much potential–but then again, so did set two of the second night of Tahoe. ..hopefully it turns out different.