Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

It feels like I’ve been saying this every other time I put together these Monday videos, but…Phish returns to the stage this week! The occasion, of course, is the three-night run at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado. It’s a strange little long-weekend island of shows, but hey I’ll take it.

I put together a UIC-themed pick-me-up last Monday, but let’s start things off with a couple of the videos that have only surfaced since then, starting with the Forbin’s/Mockingbird that opened the final night:

Another of the run’s bustouts, and one of its many excellent set closers, was the Alumni Blues from night one. Awesome close-up video here:

That’s it for UIC. Moving along, here’s a Leg 1 gem that I don’t believe I ever shared footage of: the Drowned from Holmdel.

Before we go, let’s get in that Rocky Mountain mood, shall we? Kevin Shapiro was kind enough to assemble another of his award-winning (and free) Live Bait compilations honoring past Colorado shows, and you should pick that up right away if you haven’t. But here’s some great video accompaniment: