Phish to Webcast Dick’s Shows

Phish will be webcasting for the third time this summer since their successful video streams from Madison Square Garden over New Year’s.  You can purchase a per-show or in a three-night package pass here; the 3-night package costs $34.99, and the single-show passes have not been posted yet (but I am told will appear shortly on the site for purchase).

This was completely unexpected seeing as Phish only did sell-out runs before this one.  Most people figured that Phish would never encourage anyone to not buy tickets in an era where they are struggling to sell them in some venues.  Chances are that Phish assumes that everyone who is going to go to this stand-alone run just outside of Denver, Colorado has already made up their mind about their show plans–it’s a destination show for everyone outside of the Denver area.

Here’s to Dick’s making UIC look like child’s play!