Summer Tour’s Dessert

Setting Champlain Expo for Phish

What a pleasant surprise!  Phish will be rolling thru the Champlain Valley Expo tonight for a spur-of-the-moment concert to raise money for the people hurt by the flooding caused by hurricane Irene.

What side of Phish will we see tonight?  The crowd-pleasing version of the band that we saw at ACL and Outside Lands?  Will we see the mind-blowing, 2011-style improvisation that Phish unleashed on us at both UIC and Dick’s?  Will we see a bit of a hybrid of jam and crowd-pleasing like we did at Bonnaroo 2009?  If I had to guess, I’d say it’s going to lean towards the hybrid model–just a typical Phish show.

Maybe it will be similar to their 3/18/1997 show at the Flynn in VT–it had a little bit of everything.  I could see the debut of a new event-themed cover, or even a guest or two from Phish’s sacred homeland–like we saw at the Flynn (the last non-Coventry show in the state).

It’s weird to think that this is Phish’s first show since Coventry.  Phish have actually only played nine shows in their home state since the middle of 1992–seems like there’d be more, right?  I’d imagine the band is pretty happy to be back playing there.

Let me (with the help of ZZYZX) break it down for y’all:

in the last nine VT shows (11/19/92-8/15/04), 124 different songs have been played with the average number of songs-per-show reaching nearly 23.

The most common songs played in VT’s last nine shows are:

Sample in a Jar – 6 (66%)
Cavern – 4 (44%)
Harry Hood – 4 (44%)
It’s Ice – 4 (44%)
Maze – 4 (44%)
Poor Heart – 4 (44%)
Possum – 4 (44%)
Run Like an Antelope – 4 (44%)
The Divided Sky – 4 (44%)

All songs, with the slight exception of It’s Ice, that they have been playing nearly as frequently lately.  Another Vermont statistic that follows what we’ve seen this summer is that, out of the nine shows, YEM was only played once.  This summer, it’s only been played five times out of 28 shows this summer with the biggest show gap being 10.  Although I think the lack of YEMs in VT and 2011 are for different reasons, it’s certainly something to point out when their most-played song seems to not be surfacing.

The last two years Phish played in VT (’97, ’04) they played Drowned–maybe it will be a tasteless second-set opener tonight.

The bottom line is: Phish is treating this like a normal show, so that’s what you should expect tonight; two sets, encore, normal summer-tour tickets (with a bit higher of a price), etc.

The show is sold out, but if you’d like to watch it live, you can–just go to Live Phish and it will be webcast ($19.99)