Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

On Valentine’s Day 2003, Phish played in Los Angeles. The show, which opened the first tour following the band’s hiatus, was significant not just for lovers, but for Phish as well: they’d just graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Both occasions were honored in song, as the band opened with My Sweet One > Cover of the Rolling Stone, a song written by poet and author Shel Silverstein, and played by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. Here’s the video:

The Ghost from 7/6/98 in Prague was one of Phish’s most popular Youtube videos before Duanebase’s account was disabled. But the rest of the set is no slouch. The Maze, in particular, must be heard/seen if you’ve never had the pleasure. I love the lick Trey plays at 9:30 or so. It almost sounds like he’s talking.

Here’s a great, easy-to-miss YEM from Alpine Valley, 7/19/03:

To close things out, the awesome Antelope from 6/25/97. It feels sort of criminal not to include that entire set. But feel free to go watch everything on Youtube from it.