Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up: Trey

Big Red played the first show of his solo band’s tour on Saturday, the day after his 47th birthday, so it seemed like a perfect time to devote a full Monday Morning Video post to TAB. (Don’t worry: if Trey band isn’t your thing, read on for a couple videos of Phish playing songs that debuted with TAB.)

In my mind, TAB’s peak was between summer 2001 and fall 2002. This was the period when the band had had some time to jell, the songs were fresh, and Trey hadn’t become distracted by Phish’s return. Here are two jams (not the full versions of the songs) from that era. First, Push On Til the Day, from the phenomenal first set at Bonnaroo:

Be aware that, um, “something” seemed to have happened at setbreak of the show, and the second set, Trey is, well, like this:

Totally, Trey. Here’s the second jam from that era:

Don’t sleep on the December 2006 Trey shows. It was a dark time in Trey’s life, but you’d never know it from his guitar playing. If you haven’t heard it, listen to the Original Boardwalk Style album. His soloing on Mud City sounds straight out of a mid-90s Phish jam. Unfortunately, video of that isn’t on Youtube, but here’s the Peaches from 12-29, with full band:

These days, Trey does more wailing than grooving with TAB, but it can still be pretty damn enjoyable. Here’s Night Speaks to a Woman from Philadelphia on 2/23:

And finally, as promised, a couple hot Phish versions of songs that got their start with TAB. Here’s the Jibboo from last Halloween. As great as it is, it’s also a good reminder of how much cleaner Trey’s playing has been this year than in 2010.

Last but not least, here’s the Sand from Big Cypress, which in my mind is the best version of this song ever played. I’m including the Quadrophonic Topplings that followed, so it’s in 3 parts.