Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

Happy Columbus Day! On this lovely Monday morning, I have a bunch of new videos that I’m excited to share with you, including a handful from Trey’s ongoing tour and one Phish gem that I’ll save for last. Thanks to troylaur for the Trey vids.

First off, two new Trey originals. The first, Land of Nod, is one of the most interesting tunes we’ve heard from Trey in a while:

The second, Frost, is par for Trey’s recent course.

Next up, a tasty jam on Money Love and Change from Baltimore.

And from the same show, TAB’s jazzed-up take on Magilla:

Before we go, here’s some amazing brand new footage of an OPT favorite: the fiery 7/6/98 Ghost from Prague. Enjoy, and have a great week…