Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

Trey tour is over, but look on the bright side: first of all, this means we can now look forward to digesting a bunch of new recordings of what, by most accounts, has been an excellent tour. Second, it means that the next time T-bone hits the stage, it will be at Madison Square Garden. [Update: as saladinthemorning points out in the comments, T-bone will hit the stage in November. But that’s even better!]

Excited? Good. Let’s build on that. Many of you probably forgot about Pigtail, a song that made its first appearance in Worcester last December. But it’s resurfaced as a regular on this Trey tour. Maybe that means Trey decided it wasn’t Phishy; maybe it means he just wanted to let it evolve before it’s ready for primetime. Either way, it’s sounding pretty solid:

One of my favorite of TAB’s covers is their instrumental take on Bob Marley’s Small Axe. This version, which is unusually slow, features some great keyboard work from Ray.

Sorry for the lower quality video, but this Sand from Wellmont Theatre in New Jersey is rocking enough to endure it:

Finally, a video of most of Phish’s first set from 2/1/90 – opening for Widespread Panic, no less. Throw it on in the background and get your week off to a good start.