Official Samples of Hampton/Winston-Salem ’97 Box Set

Cover of Box Set

As many of you know, Phish will be releasing a new box set on December 6. The three shows, covering the two-night stand at Hampton and the following Winston-Salem show, are considered some of Phish’s best. It is available for preorder now here.

Listen to Theme > Black Eyed Katy from Winston/Salem from the remastered box set below!

Listen to the Mike’s Song > I am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove opener to 11/22/1997 from the remastered box set below!

Listen to the 40-minute AC/DC Bag -> Slave to the Traffic Light from 11/21/1997 from the remastered box set below!

Official statement from JEMP:

Virginia and one in North Carolina. The 1997 Hampton Coliseum shows were theband’s first two-night stand at Hampton Coliseum – a venue they have played a total offifteen times including a two-night stand in 1998 (released as Hampton Comes Alive)and a trio of reunion shows in 2009. The shape and feel of the venue have earned itthe nickname “The Mothership” among fans. The next show after Hampton 1997 tookplace at Lawrence Joel Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in Winston-Salem, North Carolina- another familiar venue where Phish also performed in 1994, 1995 and 1998.

These three shows were a memorable triad for the band and fans. They are amongthe most requested shows for soundboard release from the Phish Archives and makeup a compelling slice of the twenty-two-show tour that stretched from Las Vegas toAlbany. The Hampton/Winston-Salem 97 shows were packed with notable renditionsof classics including “Split Open And Melt”, “AC/DC Bag”, “Slave To The TrafficLight”, “Mike’s Song”, “Halley’s Comet”, “Tweezer”, “Run Like An Antelope”, “Stash”and “Bathtub Gin”. The band also showcased a wide variety of newer covers fromthe debut of the Rolling Stones’ “Emotional Rescue” to Del McCoury’s “Beauty Of MyDreams”, Jimi Hendrix’s “Izabella”, Clifton Chenier’s “My Soul” and even an impromptutake on War’s “Low Rider” (sandwiched inside a blazing “Down With Disease”). The Hampton/Winston-Salem 97 shows also showcased newer originals like “Dogs StoleThings”, “Ghost”, “Piper” and the brand-new-for-fall instrumental “Black-Eyed Katy”,which is the only song repeated on the release. More than what was played, the sheerheights of these performances are what made them special and built their acclaim.

The Hampton/Winston-Salem 97 shows featured Phish at an emotional peak ofexecution and flow. The band was hooking up at every turn, taking chances anddropping musical surprises for each other and the audience. Throughout these shows,Phish seized most every opportunity to lift and expand their repertoire while maintaininga raging dance party at every turn. The audience magnified this explosive energy,spinning the shows into a ball of psychedelic, funk-infused live Phish for the ages.Paul Languedoc’s stereo “soundboard” mix re-mastered by Fred Kevorkian funnels theenergy of these special shows to listeners’ ears nearly fifteen years later. Hampton/Winston-Salem 97 contains all the music played over these three shows for a totalof 45 songs – over 8 hours of music – including never-before-heard material fromsoundchecks at both venues. The 7-CD boxed set (also available as downloads slated for release December 6, 2011 is a must-own collection for anyPhish fan.