The Seven States Phish Hasn’t Rocked


While some fans are begging Phish to play more shows west of the Mississippi, I’m asking Phish to also play the five continental states they have yet to touch. As Phish buries themselves more and more into the Northeast, people outside of Phish’s comfort zone are drooling for more. Sure they did a string down the west coast in summer, but that’s just a tease relative to what states surrounding New York get.

I understand that it might not be economically feasible to play states such as Hawaii or Alaska (even though those would make for some epic vacations), but why not knock out the remaning states left to play–just to say you did. I’m sure the phans wouldn’t complain.

Let me break down some possible venues the band could play in the remaining states–comment below if I’m missing some good ones.


Osage Creek Performing Arts Center – This outdoor venue is still under construction in a beautiful part of Siloam Springs, AK. This was originally supposed to be finished by September of 2010 but has gotten pushed back because of financing issues. They pushed it back to summer of 2011 but, according to their Facebook page, is still under construction as of September 8 of this year. The venue is reportedly able to hold upwards of 15,000.

North Dakota

Alrus Center – Perhaps a fun place to warm up from North Dakota’s bitter cold would be in the relatively new Alrus Center in Grand Forks. The ten-year-old arena usually houses the University of ND’s Fighting Sioux football team and only [kinda] notable concert was a stop from Cher on her farewell tour. The venue can hold a whopping 21,000–enough to get the place steaming hot during a winter tour through the subzero-degree terrain.

Bismarck Civic Center – Maybe we’d rather spend the Holiday touring season in a bit more intimate of a venue–one that better matches those of fall 2010. If you’d like to grab a loved one and warm up to the [Trey] fire without as many people around, maybe you’d prefer the home of the Dakota Wizards (just in case you don’t know, that’s a NBA D-team–but I’m sure you knew that). Not much else takes place at this 10,000-person arena from Bismarck.


OKC Zoo Amphitheater – One of the oldest venues in the country resides in Oklahoma City, OK; established in the thirties to provide jobs, the venue still thrives and contains the biggest tours that decide to make a stop in the state that’s shaped like a pot. Although the venue started falling apart in the 60’s, it was resored in the 70’s and and planning additional renovations soon. This outdoor venue provides plenty of soft grass to flat grass to dance on as it uses wide tiers to heighten the back of its GA section.

South Dakota

Rushmore Plaza Civic Center – This theater is a happy medium between a theater like the Fox in Atlanta–somewhere were TAB would play–and the Fox in St. Louis. It’s probably a bit too big for Trey and too small for Phish. Nevertheless, the fun would be explosive. Located in Rapid City, SD, this venue is best known for hosting country acts and popular plays such as the Nutcracker (starting soon with Christmas approaching). Although this theater is far less visually stunning than most of the ornate theaters Trey sets ablaze, the sound is supposed to be fantastic here. And who cares what the place looks like once the houselights go down?


Frontier Park – Perhaps more suited for a multi-night, end-of-summer Phish festival would be Wyoming’s Frontier Park. Frontier, located in Cheyenne, is best known for the annual Cheyenne Frontier Days–a 10-day rodeo/concert. The venue attracts 200,000 fans in just over a week and holds them all comfortably. Now, keep in mind that this doesn’t mean 200,000 people all at the same time are watching the same concert–I don’t think Phish could sell that out even if fall 1997 Phish returned with 2011 Mike. Nevertheless it would be a new and beautiful spot for Phish to play under the stars for us. Wyoming is such a beautiful state–it’s a shame that Phish doesn’t treat states with this much natural beauty better (sorry New Jersey and Indiana phans).

Jackson Hole – Located in the gateway to both Yellowstone and Grand Teton (stop laughing) national parks, Jackson Hole features an annual music festival known as Grand Teton Music Festival. This would be a smaller (and more realistic) alternative to Frontier Park.