Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

For this week’s edition of the pick-me-up, I thought I’d look up the top 5 Phish videos on Youtube and share them with you. Before you look at what they are, try to guess–just to see how far off you are. Then watch the videos, and give them even more views!

My 5 guesses–operating on the assumption that Phish with guests is more popular than plain old Phish:

99 Problems with Jay-Z
Big Pimpin’ with Jay-Z
YEM with Phil Lesh
4/3/98 Roses
Some rare/one-time cover – maybe Killing in the Name? Sabotage?

Okay, here they are:

And since the last two were both either not live or not real, here are the 4th and 5th most-viewed live videos:

And one more, because I can’t resist: