Dinner and a Movie: Episode 1

Here at OPT, we are focused on one thing and one thing only: world domination.  We hope to accomplish this goal by using subliminal messages to turn our loyal readers into brain dead zombie-soldiers.  While we have had mixed results with our articles, our new podcast “OnAir Phish Tour” has proved to be a massive success, delivering our hypnotic and brain-deadening voices directly into your earhole.  Now, in an effort to build off that success, we are looking to conquer your eye-holes as well.

Introducing Dinner and a Movie, a new video podcast where myself, Adam and Guy sit down to dissect a new Phish video clip each week.  Think of it as DVD commentary, except instead of some boring movie “director” talking about his “vision” (whatever those words mean) you have three certified experts (certification valid only in Vermont and upstate New York) talking about the types of faces Trey makes when he Trey-gasms all down his Trey-knees.   There may also be some very serious music discussing going on as well, depending on how sober Adam needs to be to operate his microphone (answer: zero sober).

For this week we decided to kick it off with something on the shorter, though still interesting side, with the 6/4/2011 Possum from Cuyahoga Falls.  This turned out to be a terrible decision, as we all wanted to say way too much and ended up talking over each other like some lost Marx Brothers routine.  We promise to be better in the future, at which point you will all be our slaves anyway so it won’t matter much.  Enjoy!