Bring Back the New Years Run Joke Cover

Trey and Bieber
Bieber is Wilson?

A lot of things Phish used to do have come and gone. I don’t think we will ever see a Big Ball Jam again. Secret Language, which was played at pretty much every show in 1992 is rare these days. Fishman covers are not the regular occurrence they once were either. While I would like to see all those come back, there is one tradition that I want back even more: the New Years Run Joke Cover.

For three years in a row, from ’95-’97 Phish did a Joke Cover during the New Years run. In’95 Tom Marshall came out on stage to sing Collective Soul’s “Shine” (debatable if that “Shine” is worse than Trey’s “Shine”), in ’96 he sung Oasis’ “Champagne Supernova” and 1997’s song was “500 Miles”. Phish has done other Joke Covers over the years: “Getting Jiggy With It” in Hampton ’98, “Born to Run” at PNC in 1999 (debatable as to whether this was a joke or not), and Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” at SPAC in 2009 (2.0 was devoid of Joke Covers as far as I can remember, further evidence that the band had gotten out of touch with their true roots), but I would like to see the Joke Cover return to its natural spot of being performed during the New Years Run, coming out of an epic Harpua.

With that in mind, I think the following would make good candidates for this year’s Joke Cover:

  • Born this Way” by Lady GaGa (although it would not be totally in jest as Trey is a GaGa fan);
  • Baby” by Justin Bieber (for Trey’s kids);
  • Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 (suggested by Adam);
  • Friday” by Rebecca Black (Friday>Friday anyone?);
  • Fuck You” by Cee Lo Green;
  • The Bed Intruder Song” as popularized by the Gregory Brothers starring Antoine Dodson.


What other good ones are out there that you would like to see Phish tackle?