Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

The big news of the weekend was that Trey sat in with The National (members of which he’s recording with) at the Beacon Theatre on Friday night. He’s gotten some grief in the Phish chattering circles for associating with an indie rock band, but can anyone really describe what “indie” quality The National has that’s so problematic? They wear plaid shirts, but you know what? So does Trey. So do a lot of us! You ask me, The National is a really solid rock band–better than quite a few bands that members of Phish have played with in the past.

Okay, enough ranting. Here are some videos of the affair, along with some memorable Trey sit-ins from years past.

moe. played Roseland Ballroom on 2-10-05 to benefit victims of the tsunami in Southeast Asia. This was Trey’s first major appearance since Coventry, and the energy in the room was through the roof. He opened up with a couple acoustic tunes, and then just blew the ceiling right off the place on Night Speaks:

This next video has great historical significance as well. Trey, who, on account of his legal troubles, didn’t play any shows in 2007 outside of those that had been scheduled prior to his arrest, surfaced for Dave Matthews’s show at SPAC in the summer. You might expect him to be rusty; he was the exact opposite. He laid down one of the most melodic, uplifting solos you’ll ever hear him play, completely captivating the audience. If you watch only one of these videos, make it this one.

Finally, a video from the first Dead/Phish collaboration: the famous Warfield ’99 Phil & Friends run. This one, from the excellent Shakedown Street, showcases both Trey’s and Steve Kimock’s chops before cutting off tragically short. If there’s any consolation, let it be the fact that a real Shakedown is only 9 days away…