The Top 10 OPT Articles of 2011

OPT's "SHWINGs" of 2011

Between seven writers, OPT has cranked out a lot of serious material over the past year. I figured some of you readers would be curious to see what articles on the site has drawn the most traffic. Notice how powerful anything that had to do with Superball 9 was. Here are the top ten in descending order.

10 – The UIC Run Was the Best Phish We’ve Seen This Era

UIC Pavilion (Dave Vann)

Written by yours truly, I wrote this piece to express my true love of the UIC run–a sentiment that hasn’t changed. Some people agreed, some said I should kill myself, regardless of the readers’ opinions, this article was popular among them

9 – Tales of Mental Tangle #8: Is Trey the Weak Link?

Probably the largest of of Guy Forget’s Tales of Mental Tangle series, the 4-way battle between Guy Forget, [OPT friend] Nick, Zim and Aaron Hawley became a petri dish of heated battles between us and readers, readers and readers and us and us. This is also the rumored reason Aaron Hawley fell off the OPT wagon so suddenly–by getting destroyed by Guy and Nick. Not sure how Zim managed to stick around, but as you can see, his posting frequency has drastically lowered–this article is a true war.

Of course, this article came before the epic 2011 summer tour where Trey proved he got much of his chops back!

8 – Phish to Play Toyota Park?

Toyota started putting Phish on their site in early 2011

Tour rumors are always great for traffic (which isn’t why I wrote this piece). Like me, people start scratching their blood when they start going through Phish withdrawl and start seeking out any information on an upcoming Phish tour they can get their hands on. I started doing some research and came to the conclusion that Phish was going to play Toyota Park for the third year in a row. The things I found on their site seemed like Phish was going to the Windy City again for sure–it was also perfectly aligned with many rumors floating on the webz.

7 – TRC – My Dirty Little Secret

Back before Aaron was dishonorably discharged from OPT, he wrote a piece about how he doesn’t care for festivals so much anymore at this point in his life. While I agree with many of his points, this turned into one of our most-commented-on articles on the site. Of course, most people just said Aaron “sucked at Phish” and should “K[H]S”. Unfortunately we can’t see any of these comments because we have since switched websites and have a new type of commenting system.


As we sit here the morning of a Phish show, it’s fun to look back at the outrage and meltdownyness that occurred when Phish announced they had “no touring plans for the rest of the year”–myself included.

5 – Summer Ticket Designs Released (Hi-Res Image)

4 – Super Rumor (IX possible spoiler alert)!

Well, Zim made the list. Apparently he thought because this article was such a hit, he could retire. Unfortunately, this Super Rumor turned out to be a Super Dud. Thanks for nothing, Zim! In all fairness, the evidence he used would have driven me to the same conclusion.

3 – Watkins to End Summer Touring. Hiatus Follows

On April Fools Day, we were waiting for Watkins and leg 2 to be announced. I wrote an article saying that Watkins Glen (didn’t know it was called Superball at the time) was the last show before a third extended break. Was it mean? Probably. But if you didn’t realize that it was 4/1 and notice the article tags like “April Fool”, “LOL”, and “JK”, you probably deserve to be fooled.

2 – Watkins Superball 9

This article was after the hard-core Phish investigators got their hands on different domains that Phish had registered for their then-upcoming festival. It’s always fun to get the details on a Phish event before an official announcement which is why this article was so popular.

1 – Watkins Glen President Addresses Rumors of 2011 Phish Show

Not only was this the most popular article of the year, it was the most popular article of all-time on OPT. This was originally posted in early December of 2010, but it remained popular into 2011. Normally an article’s traffic drops to nearly zero after a couple weeks–it just get buried under newer material. This article truly stood the test of time–obviously because of the content (no offense, Guy).