Mike Gordon Band to Play London, and more?

Mike Alpine 2010 (P. Brotherhood)

As seen here on Phish.com, Mike Gordon will be playing in London on March 18. This follows the three days Mike is playing “Jam It the Dam” in Amsterdam.

The information on this 14+ show:

The Borderline
Orange Yard, Off Manette Street
London, United Kingdom

The Venue’s website describes Mike’s band as follows:

“Soundscapes and musical evocations of particularly fanciful flights and sounds experienced while on hallucinogenic vision quests joyfully co-exist with an inspirational devotion to muses, mentors and the ecstatic, infectious, danceable, upbeat and a visceral  locum of reality.”

This is under the “Mike Gordon Europe” tab on Phish.com–are more dates coming?

From Mike’s website:

“Mike and his band are performing at the sixth edition of Jam In The Dam held at the legendary Melkweg in Amsterdam, The Netherlands March 14, 15, 16, 2012.  Before heading back to the states, the band will perform Sunday, March 18 at The Borderline in London.”