Phish to Play Bader Field in Atlantic City

Bader Field

pressofAtlanticCity reported this morning that the city council has approved four outdoor music festivals. Metallica and Kenny Chesney were names thrown in with the one we care about, Phish.

The dates available are as follows: 9/22-23, 9/29-30, 6/15-17, and 6/24-25.

Father’s Day Weekend seemed to be the most-rumored dates for this is the past month (6/15-17), but this article claims that it’s going to be the following weekend instead–“Phish will be the act that will perform on June 22, 23 and 24.”

The next thing to figure out is if this is an actual “festival” as the article suggests. Are they just calling a two-night concert a music festival or is this an actual Phish festival? The fact that Bader Field is an airport suggest it just may be an actual festival but why would Phish have a festival so early in the summer? Sure SBIX was early in July, but that was at the end of the first leg. I’m curious to see what the touring schedule around these dates will look like.

Keep your eyes open for more dates to come!