Monday Morning Video Pick Me Up

Big week in Phish videos, as a bunch of new, great stuff hit Youtube. You may have seen some of it on YEMblog or elsewhere, but here’s a quick rundown to get you started.

If you watch only one, make it the post-Possum funk jam from 12/3/97. Aside from being quite possibly the greatest funk from all of Fall ’97, the visual aspect of this adds to the experience. I won’t ruin it for you, but check out the part starting at around 2:00 — hilarious.

To continue the theme, here’s the Melt from 11/6/98 — without a doubt, one of the funkiest versions ever played. Most of that show has recently been uploaded, so check it out.

Videos of both full sets of 2/15/03 were uploaded this week. I recommend set 2 for the amazing Ghost and unique Hood.

The 20th anniversary show, from Boston 12/2/03. This show had its ups and downs, but the second set was full of all kinds of highlights. Check it out if you’ve never seen/heard it.

Finally, Alumni Blues from 5/20/87. This show had been on Youtube for a while, but these videos are an upgrade from the previous bunch. Check them out–a major trip, in more ways than one.