Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

It’s Phish video time again! I’ll get you started with some hot jams, but make sure you stick around until the last video, which may not be jammy, but will blow your mind in a way that no Piper or Stash ever could.

Many of you know the amazing, and officially released, 7/6/98 show from Prague. But the second set in Barcelona three nights later has some moments that are just about as magical as Prague’s. And now, you can watch the whole set with one click of the Play button:

I’m not sure if this one was already on Youtube, but either way, it’s great. 12/29/93 Stash (a bunch of other videos from that show are up, too):

Next up, an unusually jammed-out Limb by Limb, from 12/3/99 in Cincinnati. If you’re not too familiar with this tour, get familiar. 12/2/99 II is about as good as it gets, but nearly every show has some stellar stuff.

I’d never seen this, but it’s pretty cool: after a Jazz Mandolin Project show in 2000, Fishman went back to some heads’ dorm room and jammed with them for a half hour. Here’s video of the whole thing:

No introduction could possibly do this last video justice: