Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

Well, another Super Bowl is behind us, and [spoiler alert!] the Giants won. But whether you were rooting for the red-white-and-blue or the other red-white-and-blue, there’s one thing that should bring us all together: Bill Belichick is a huge fan of the jams. Don’t believe me? Well just check this out:

With that in mind, these next few jams go out to a coach that could use a little music to get him through the heart-breaking first Monday morning of what will surely be a long off-season. This is for you, Bill.

12/31/96 Hood:

The first set from 7-17-98 at the Gorge is a really strong summer opening set — how can you argue with a show that starts with Makisupa, Ya Mar, a dirty, funky Gumbo, and Divided Sky? The second set is even better, but unfortunately there’s no video of it on Youtube. Here’s the first set:

Last but not least, a jam that’s new to Youtube, one of the hugest and most psychedelic jams ever–just how Belichick likes it. 6/26/95 Disease -> Free: