Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up

We took a week off from the pick-me-up last week (did you miss us? We sure as heck missed you!) and a lot has happened since then in the video world. We’ve got lots of great stuff. Some you may have already seen on YEMblog or elsewhere, but whether you’re looking for quick clips, interviews, or full sets, you’re in luck, because we’ve got it.

First up, the 2/17/90 video. Even if you saw this when it came out, watch again, because it’s got new, higher-quality audio:

Next, a 3-part interview with Trey and Page from Roseland Ballroom 5/23/00:

A great 2.0 Gin that just celebrated its anniversary:

Another great Gin:

A bunch of other videos from that UIC ’98 show just went up, so check them all out. But to take us out, here’s Freebird: