Monday Morning Video Pick-Me-Up: Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! Usually I’d skip the Monday morning videos on holidays, but on this day, as we remember the sacrifices our men and women in uniform have made, I thought we’d take a trip down Phishy memory lane as well. Specifically, to look back on our fond one-year-old memories from Bethel 2011.

I attended the second and third Bethel shows, and the second show–coming on the heels of my previous shows, 12/31/10 and 1/1/11–left me with more hope about the future of Phish than I’d had in quite a while. The first sign that something was in the air was during Halley’s, when the jam section, aka the ripcord section, came around, and the cord wasn’t pulled:

After that, the Gin took things to even greater heights (I don’t think the whole song is on Youtube, but here’s a section):

And the Disease kept the energy up in the second set:

Though that was the strongest of the three shows, the other two were no slouches. Here are some other highlights from the run:

Have a great Memorial Day and an excellent 4-day week. See you all back here next week. 11 days until tour!