New Brunswick, NJ ’93: A Worthy Show for a Worthy Cause

Keeping with Phish’s tradition of providing charitable releases [Katrina Relief (Tipitina Foundation and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation), Haiti Relief (Red Cross/Haiti and Partners in Health) and Japan Relief (Peace Winds America/Japan) among others], Phish is releasing one of the best shows from one of their best years during one of their best tours!

5/3/1993 Soundboard Release

5/3/1993’s concert took place in New Jersey, it would start the final leg of the year’s first explosive tour–the first tour that featured a baby grand on stage. This show features one of the best Tweezers ever played, complete with heavy ‘I Feel the Earth Move’ teases both during the composed section and the beginning of the jam. The song finds it’s way into a full-on Manteca before fiercely breaking out of it to continue the jam they had not forgotten coming out of Tweezer just minutes before. Listen to the entire track below:

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The entire show, laced with teases, seemingly has it all: improvisation, fantastic guitar licks, Gamehendge elements, acapella, and secret language. If you haven’t had the privileged of hearing early-1993 Phish, do yourself a favor and start with this show. Even if you have this show, it’s time to upgrade to this fantastic soundboard copy.

Proceeds from this release will go to benefit rebuilding efforts in both New Jersey (Middlesex County Long Term Recovery Group) and New York ( You can purchase it here for $9.95.

Below is a track-listing followed by an essay by archivist, Kevin Shapiro.

CD 1/3
Set I:
1. Buried Alive > (3:01)
2. Rift (5:59)
3. Weigh > (4:58)
4. Chalk Dust Torture (6:05)
5. Esther > (9:04)
6. Split Open And Melt (9:37)
7. Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > (5:26)
8. Fly Famous Mockingbird > (2:48)
9. Vibration Of Life > (0:53)
10. Fly Famous Mockingbird > (12:24)
11. Possum (10:22)
12. Lawn Boy > (2:43)
13. Cavern (4:18)

CD 2/3
Set II:
1. AC/DC Bag > (7:32)
2. The Curtain > (5:59)
3. Tweezer > (10:18)
4. Manteca >   (2:04)
5. Tweezer >   (4:40)
6. Contact >   (6:03)
7. It’s Ice >  (7:29)
8. McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters >     (9:26)
9. Runaway Jim (7:27)
10. Big Ball Jam >   (2:06)
11. Hold Your Head Up >   (1:26)
12. Love You (7:07)
13. Hold Your Head Up (1:15)

CD 3/3
Set II continued:
1. My Sweet One > (1:59)
2. Tweezer Reprise (3:48)
3. Memories (1:39)
4. Amazing Grace (1:54)
5. Highway To Hell (3:41)


Hurricane Sandy Relief

5/3/93, State Theatre – New Brunswick, NJ

Release date: 1/15/13 JEMP/ download

Phish began their 1993 tour with new instrumentation, most notably the addition of Page’s baby grand piano.  This added to the music’s subtlety and, coupled with the dynamic and experimental material on Phish’s latest studio album Rift, helped make every show a fresh sonic adventure.  It was a notable time for the Phish Nation which was growing steadily as appreciation spread for the impressive levels of performance the band delivered nightly.  New Jersey got its taste of this on May 3, 1993 at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

New Brunswick was 67th on the tour of 73 shows spanning February through May.  The location was significant as Trey and Page have roots in New Jersey and this was only their second headline show in the state.  The State Theatre is a historic movie and vaudeville venue opened in 1921 with a capacity of 1,800. Set I highlights included the Buried Alive opener with extended piano intro, a standout Weigh > Chalk Dust Torture, Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird/Vibration Of Life (during which, according to Trey’s narration, Paul administered memory-erasing gas) and remnants of Mockingbird reverberated into Possum.  Set II blasted off with a non-stop succession that began with AC/DC Bag > The Curtain followed by a must-hear combination of Tweezer > Manteca > Tweezer.  During Tweezer the band gave a nod to fellow New Jerseyan Carole King by weaving I Feel The Earth Move into the jam. Runaway Jim followed by Big Ball Jam, Love You and My Sweet One put the spotlight on Fish before the classic close of Amazing Grace and Highway To Hell.

The New Brunswick show featured the increasingly cohesive group interplay, creative set construction and wide-open improvisation that were hallmarks of this golden era.

Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast creating what meteorologists called “Frankenstorm” as the hurricane combined forces with a Nor’easter.  The result was devastating for coastal areas from the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic to New England and reached as far inland as the Appalachian Mountains and parts of the Midwest and Canada.  Storm surge, high winds and power outages that lasted weeks after the storm contributed to loss of life and unprecedented property losses.  The coasts of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island were permanently redrawn as the Atlantic reclaimed some of America’s favorite beaches.  Hailing from New Jersey, New York State and Massachusetts respectively, the members of Phish and have responded by donating this release from the archives to help support victims of Superstorm Sandy. Hurricane Sandy Relief was recorded by Paul Languedoc and mastered by Fred Kevorkian.  All the vendors involved in this release donated their time for the cause.

Stay Safe, Enjoy!