We’ve arrived at the big matchup. The contenders may not be surprising but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. Both jams are 1 seeds, both have 1-word, 5-letter titles, but most importantly both songs were created with one purpose in mind: jamming.

Light was often referred to as the “new” Ghost–at least here on OPT–it is an open-ended song that forced the band to experiment from the moment it was first played. While Ghost had some more impressive jams in its rookie year than Light did, Light was still pushing the boundary from its debut at Fenway. Almost no other 3.0 songs contained extended experimentation in 2009 (other than two Number Lines).

With Ghost’s legacy settling down this era, its jams becoming a bit more mature and less edgy, the version played during 2010’s New Years Eve show transcended the entire era by throwing caution to the wind and hosing the crowd down at the most famous venue in the country. Trey let note after note loose as if he couldn’t control his arms and hands, his head bobbing atop. This type-I journey is quite the contrast to Light’s type-II mountain excursion in 2012.

This Light powerfully moves through many different experimental sections. While the Ghost reached heights not seen in 3.0, the Light reached depths not often seen in 3.0. The band worked as an amazing unit during the entire 20+ minute monster, in ways not seen since the mid-90s. Of course, the entire jam comes to a full-band peak at the end to add icing to the cake.

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  • (1) 9/1/12 Light (67%, 222 Votes)
  • (1) 12/31/10 Ghost (33%, 111 Votes)

Total Voters: 333

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