A Few Words On 7/14/13’s Place In Phish History

The OPT head honcho, Rory P., had a tweet as tonight’s space commando Light was morphing into Boogie On that summed up the state of Phish:

Which in turn reminded me of my own tweet from Dick’s last September:

The point is not at all that ’09 and ’10 were bad, but rather that Phish as a band is capable of reaching even greater heights — the kind of heights they would finally reach at Dick’s, and that they reached again tonight. Though we can debate whether tonight’s Light surpassed last September’s, there is one simple fact about this one that should make us all even more excited than we were then: that one came at the very end of last year’s touring season. This one? Well, there are still 3 weeks left of tour, which means that by the time they reach the west coast, this machine will somehow be 3 weeks more well-oiled than it is now. Who can even imagine what will happen if the heavily rumored fall tour comes to pass.

Hang on to your seatbelts, folks: year 30 is on pace to be a groundbreaking one for Phish.

(Full review to come tomorrow.)