OPT Needs New Writers

It’s no secret that Online Phish Tour hasn’t been keeping up with things. All the current OPT writers are too busy, too cool, or just suck at Phish (at least according to the Facebook comments) and we need some fresh meat to churn out posts to keep this once-epic online publication alive. I guess you could say that it’s time for OPT 2.0?

Does the life of an OPT writer interest you? Are you okay with drugs, sex, and rock and roll? Do you feel comfortable with celeb status on lot? Are you prepared for everyone on the Internet reminding you that Phish doesn’t owe you anything and then asking just who, exactly, you think you are.

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above , have a background in writing, follow Phish news and music closely, and love expressing your opinion on their music, consider submitting a request to write for us. We are looking for a couple of people who can do one or some of the following: regularly review concerts, come up with topics for opinion-based posts somewhat regularly, can post Phish related news quickly, etc.

Please email the site administrator at admin@onlinephishtour.com if you are interested and considering attaching or linking work that we can look at to get a feel of your writing style.