Live Bait 13 Reminded Me of Something Outstanding in 2009

Ya ya, I know, we don’t make a peep in months and months and then the night before tour we drop a stupid little post out of nowhere. Whatever.

So, Phish just released Live Bait 13 to get us all ready for the much-anticipated, doughnut-loving tour. It’s one of the best playlists yet: 7/20/14’s Wedge7/18/93’s Antelope12/29/97’s Tube, 12/31/10’s Ghost and more. Included was one of my favorite versions of You Enjoy Myself not only of 3.0 but ever, 12/4/09‘s from Madison Square Garden (albeit still under quite a few 1.0 versions).

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This reminded me of, what I consider to be, quite an anomaly for 3.0 and, especially, 2009. In the YEM and the previous night’s Down with Disease Trey shreds, peaks, and riffs of a set ‘theme’…basically the three things most of us ‘jaded’ phans complain is lacking in many 3.0 shows. The YEM features a great theme set up by an early pattern with the whole band locked in and expanding on some great improvisation before slipping into one of the best bass & drums sections ever. The Down with Disease showcases a Trey in which something just seemed to flow out of him flawlessly, naturally and explosively. What on earth happened these nights? Where they just so juiced up to be back at their old stomping grounds of MSG after, what, six years? The quality of guitar playing was just simply not on the same level in the shows surrounding these in New York.

At any rate, the Live Bait is one of the best yet and if you are not familiar, listen to the MSG ’09 shows now…especially the DWD and YEM.

Have a fun and safe tour…see you all again when I post in another year.