7/27/14 Review: The Town Threw Down On Me

Tonight, Phish played a song that everyone in the room including them agrees is horrible, and the drummer skipped half the lyrics and then made fart noises into a vacuum cleaner before circling the stage like a disoriented puppy while his bandmates played a horrible song from the 70s. And silly as it was, this spectacle was the greatest proof you’ll ever find that Phish is the greatest band in the world.


Northerly 1: A Flow Show

Night 1 of Northerly has garnered an interesting early reaction from the fanbase.

In real time, and immediately after the show, everyone seemed to love the second set, praising its “flow.” Cut to this morning, and people were more divided. A scan of a phish.net thread reveals terms like “weird,” “interesting,” and “had its moments” alongside the praise.

So which was it?