Mike on Phish’s New Songs: “Meaty” and Lacking “Fluff”, “Sappiness”?

Phish is halfway though summer tour. While the band is on a five-day jaunt out west to throw down a pair of shows at the Gorge and then tour south, it is a good time to reflect on how things have gone so far. Trey’s playing has sounded pretty stellar. His tone and precision has been pretty top notch and I think has been on display from the beginning of the tour, something I’ve had my ear on since Wrigley’s “Divided Sky” and “Good Times, Bad Times”. Despite his great sound I also agree with many people that the overall setlists seem to be different from the more jam-heavy efforts of last year, featuring a bit less creative improv.


Tour Opener: Back After 16 Years

Tour openers are unpredictable, they can be hit or miss–will the band dive head-first into the excitement of the tour or will they play it safe, focusing on the essentials to get their feet wet in order to have a good foundation to build off of? Last night fell somewhere in between and at points it […]


Phish at MSG: Recap

The four nights were laced with energy, jams, mostly tight playing, and a New Year’s Eve “gimmick” that deserves its spot on the shelf of really cool things Phish has done to celebrate a holiday. The run was a success.

One of the great parts about Phish, though, is nitpicking Phish, so without further adieu, let’s take a look at some of the things Phish did and didn’t do at MSG.